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What can you expect from Las Vegas Counseling?

There are certain general characteristics of almost all counseling and psychotherapy: supportive listening, empathic understanding, and unconditional acceptance. Sometimes this is all we need to help us through a crisis. Most of the time, however, deeper therapy and counseling requires that we examine the impact on us of our personal life histories. Traumatic experiences are always important but so are the other painful events that have touched us deeply. For others, similar events may have had little effect on them. What is important is how our personal experiences have affected us.

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Trauma Therapy is one kind of work I do that addresses life’s painful moments. Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse can be easily recognized as trauma. More difficult to recognize are the trauma-like effects of parental neglect or critical attitudes. Similar small traumas include things like being the last one picked in team sports in PE, wearing braces or being lighter or darker than the norm, having relatives make sexual comments or remarking that we are too fat.

One method of treating trauma and trauma-like experiences is with EMDR. Another is Parts Therapy. Therapy with parts means working with the natural parts within ourselves that we refer to when we say things like “A part of me wants to leave him but another part can’t live without him” or A part of me wants to tell my boss to shove it but another part tells me I have a family to support.” This approach is also called Parts Psychology. It heals through desensitizing problem memories.

The following short lists represent just a sample of possible issues that can be successfully addressed in psychotherapy.

Adults: Recent issues:

Anger Management
Grief and loss
Postpartum Depression
High Anxiety, Panic
Eating Disorders
Behavioral Addictions, such as Pornography, Compulsive Shopping
Childhood Abuse
Low Self Esteem

Adolescents: Recent Issues:

Lost Love
Self Harm
High Anxiety
Failing Grades
Parental Divorce

Couples: Recent Issues:

Communication Difficulties
Critical Partners
Unequal Sharing of Chores
Intrusions from Childhood Abuse
Lack of Sexual Interest